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Dave Hardisty is Associate Professor & Division Chair of Marketing & Behavioural Science at UBC Sauder School of Business. Dave is a founding member of the Decision Insights for Business and Society (DIBS) group, and a founding member of the Interdisciplinary Biodiversity Solutions (IBioS) research cluster.

David Hardisty was born September 8th 1980, at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, WA. He grew up on Mercer Island, a suburb of Seattle. Graduating from Mercer Island public high school in 1999, he traveled south to California to be an undergrad at Stanford.

Although Dave started out premed (along with so many others!), chemistry was boring but experimental psychology was fun, so he decided to pursue a career in psychology. Dave worked as an RA in Ian Gotlib's lab, studying information processing approaches to depression and anxiety disorders.

In 2003, Dave left Stanford and drove across the country, then off to Osaka, Japan for a year long stint as an English teacher for ECC. Living in Japan proved to be a great jumping off point to visit several south-east Asian countries.

September 2004, Dave moved to Paris, picking up a bit of French and working as a freelance web developer. He also wanted to do research, but didn't have a lab or university affiliation. Happily, Dave Haaga at American University agreed to advise him long distance on a study of open access and research diffusion, in spite of the fact the two Dave's had never met! Fall 2005 he was accepted to the masters program in social psychology at Paris 5 Descartes to work with Bo Sanitioso. He also partnered with Miguel Brendl at INSEAD and did a study on group polarization.

August 2006, Dave moved to NY, where he studied decision making, with Elke Weber, Eric Johnson, & Dave Krantz at Columbia University. In summer 2011 Dave married his lovely wife Kirstin and moved to California, where he completed a post-doc at the Stanford GSB.

July 2013, Dave moved to Vancouver BC and joined the collegial faculty (see photos below!) at Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, where he's researching consumer behaviour and sustainability. In 2018, Dave co-founded the center for Decision Insights for Business and Society (DIBS) with Kirstin Appelt, Dale Griffin, Kate White, and Jiaying Zhao

In his free time, Dave enjoys hiking, brewing beer, watching soccer, and writing bios about himself in the 3rd person. For vacations, he enjoys visiting his sister's ranch for horseback riding and sleigh rides.

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